Resisting the Corporatization and Militarization of University Education

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This is from the University of British Columbia 

 To effectively resist the commercialization of public space and the corporatization and militarization of education, students at the University of British Columbia (UBC) created a political group in the summer of 2007 called Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). SDS-UBC consists of students who are unafraid to use direct-action to enact radical social change.  We actively resist the corporate and military funding of our education, and we believe that students should have a meaningful role in the decision-making processes at the university.

Some concrete issues that came out of Resisting the University which SDS-UBC hopes to realize:

  • Banning military recruitment at UBC.

  • Banning military funding for the Arts and Sciences (eg from the Security and Defence Forum of the Canadian military).

  • Stopping the rise of sessional teachers by changing the university’s hiring policies.

  • Changing the tenure process so that it breeds less fear, conservatism and complacency.

  • Stopping commercial development on campus: affordable student, staff and faculty housing only!

  • Equalizing the allocation of funds so that departments that don’t exist to generate a profit secure adequate funding for quality research and permanent staff.

  • Pressuring the provincial government to better fund post-secondary education.

  • No more Tuition Fees! Zero student debt and zero fees to ensure the university is accessible to all.

  • Transforming UBC’s governance structures into more transparent, representative and accountable bodies by empowering the Senate; jettisoning appointed seats; allowing students to easily place an item on the Board of Governors agenda; and eliminating corporate presence on the Board.

  • An official acknowledgement that UBC is built on stolen land and that the Coast Salish, and the Musqueam people in particular, have a right to it.

  • Coalition building among sessionals, faculty, and other activists organizations to realize these goals.

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