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Welcome to the Becker Blog.

(Yeah, I know, a little pompous. What can I say? My name starts with a ‘B’. Deal with it.)

This blog, although public, is primarily intended for my own use. I’m not a huge fan of blogs – most people don’t have enough interesting and important things to say to warrant publishing what amounts to a one-man (or one-woman) newsletter. Also, most people don’t have the wisdom or experience to have their opinions carry that much weight. Now that’s not to say that their opinions shouldn’t count, it’s just that posting them publicly on a blog, does not, in and of itself, make them worth more than anyone else’s opinion. The weight of one’s opinion is an earned value.

However, I do find it useful to have a place to collect ideas and thoughts for potential later use. So that’s why this one is here. It is public because the things I collect may be useful to others and I’m all for sharing.

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  1. Hi,
    I have several ducks; Perkins, Rouen, mallard and I’m not sure of the other breed. My question is about drakes. I have 3; the mallard has his mate the Pekin has 3 mates 2 Pekin and a Rouen. The one lonely and confused drake needs a mate. He looks like the mallard but bigger but not a Rouen maybe a My question is, if I put him and the Rouen in a barn stall and keep them penned up together for a week or so; do you think I could make them be mates for life or will she run back to the Pekin the minute I leave them out?

  2. I came across this blog because one of our ducks was killed tonight and i am devastated and worried about her mate. My son brought these 2 ducklings home 4 years ago. I researched raising ducks and did everything i could to protect them. They had their pool a nice duck house and pen and i made sure to spend time with them everyday digging up worms. My heart is broken k

  3. I work at a company that has a pond on its property. A lone mallard duck has been here for a week or so. He just stares out over the water, and doesn’t wander very far. Should he be alone? Do you think he’s ill? Thanks for your advice!

    • I would imagine that not all ducks find mates. Mallards are not monogamous so you can probably rule out the possibility that he lost his mate. Have you seen him fly at all? They do go through a moult where they are unable to fly, but that usually happens later in the summer, AND the drakes usually change colours to look more like females during that time.
      If the food supply is good, there may not be much incentive for him to wander far, but I suppose it is possible he is ill or injured. They usually heal from injuries extremely well. I’ve had little experience with sick ducks though – my domestic ducks almost never got sick.

  4. Hello! I live in northern ohio and I’ve had 1 male and one female for over five years. After work today I went out to find my male duck killed. They are in a secure pen but he is aggressive through the fence so im thinking he tnreatened an animal that reached inside the fence and cut him up pretty bad. I am a complete wreck so I can’t imagine how my female must be feeling. I’m struggling to find someone to take her for me so she won’t be alone. Any suggestions?

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