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I taught Computer Science at the University of Calgary from 1983-2006, and was responsible for many innovations in computer science education research including: methodologies for comprehensive coordination of first-year CS major’s courses, application of inquiry-based and learner-centered approaches in freshman CS programs and large class settings, and methodologies for facilitating cutting-edge research with undergraduate students.

I’ve been using digital games to teach since 1998, taught one of the first Digital Game Based Learning courses for an Education faculty, and now spend time helping others become familiar with the educational potential of games.

My current interests include the use of computer games for learning at all levels of education, including building games in order to learn programming and other CS concepts. I finished my PhD in Educational Technology in Feb. 2008; my work focuses on game design and on exploring methodologies for incorporating instructional design into rather than onto the game design process.

Education: B.Sc. (CPSC) 1981, University of Calgary; M.Sc. (CPSC) 1983, University of Calgary PhD (Educational Technology) 2008

My resume can be found here.

My publication record can be found here.

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  1. Hi Katrin, I am doing a thesis on Game based learning for Agricultural Science Pedagogy. Would it be permissible to use your table in my report referenced to you of course. Kind Regards Geoff Langrell

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  3. Professor,
    I am a PhD student at Purdue in Learning, Design, and Technology. For a seminar class I am taking we are to interview, via email, a famous scholar that has similar interests as ours. I am interested in teaching teachers to teach digital game based learning. Would you be willing to answer 4-6 questions via email within the next two weeks?
    Thank you,
    Dana Ruggiero

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