U of Calgary to disallow payments via credit

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While many schools are trying to advance into the 21st century, others are, … well, … I really don’t know how to describe this. Words fail me. I’m not surprized though. Clearly, a university that claims to cherish the undergraduate experience can’t go around making their lives easier…

I think it would be fun to see the university handle having EVERY student pay their fees with loonies – all at the same time – with the press watching….. Or maybe, they could go to a school that actually cares about them.

From the Gautlet: http://gauntlet.ucalgary.ca/story/12288

U of C to disallow payments via credit

Earlier this week, a notice was posted on the University of Calgary’s enrollment services webpage notifying students of the change; however, the university has yet to publicly announce the reasons behind the decision.

In 2004, the nearly $1 million in credit card processing fees was raised as an issue of concern, as the university noted the money could be better spent on other services for students. At the time, however, the Students’ Union stressed that credit card payment was a necessity for those students who need extra time to earn enough money to cover their fees.

SU president Julie Bogle stated that while the SU was notified of the decision two weeks ago, they were not adequately consulted in the process.

“It is really unfortunate that after the SU has worked in collaboration with the university successfully on so many other projects that there was not any appropriate consolation on a policy of this magnitude,” said Bogle. “We really would have like to see something like a one year time line which would have allowed students to prepare and make the appropriate financial commendations.”

The policy change comes into effect Jul. 1, 2008.

University administration could not be reached for comment before press time.

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