Where I’ve Been Online (April 2013)

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  • Careers in Games Within these pages you can find information on careers in the computer games industry – how to get in, get on and get the most out of your skills. Read job profiles and interviews with practitioners to find out what it takes to work in games, and read our guides to the industry to see how you could fit in. You can also access our careers pages or call the careers helpline to get further advice. Visit Creative Skillset’s careers services for more information.

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  • This past winter, like many prospective students, I browsed through hundreds of college course descriptions to find subjects right for me. Yet, unlike other students, I wasn’t enrolled in a degree program. Instead, in February, I became the MOOC equivalent of a full-time student. I enrolled in five course (listed here), from five different universities (over 1,600 miles apart), attending lectures weekly, submitting assignments almost daily and interacting with other students on a regular basis.

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  • Welcome to the Machinations page. Machinations is a conceptual framework and diagram tool that focusses on structural qualities of game mechanics. The tool you see below is an interactive tool to make and play Machinations diagrams. If you scroll further down, you can find links to the Machinations Wiki, Forum and few tutorials explaining the concepts, as well as links to many of the ready-made examples. Machinations version 4 is now out. It is fairly compatible with version 2 and 3 files, files from older versions can be read, but need to be checked. Also some of the concepts have changed slightly. The version 1 is still available here.

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