It’s all a matter of point of view… (the 2018 version)

Approximate Reading Time: < 1 minute

I first posted this note back in 2009. It’s time for a new edition …

  • for a computer scientist, everything is an algorithm. (it’s about systems (and process))
  • to a musician, everything is a song. (it’s about rhythm (and sound))
  • to a writer, everything is a story. (it’s about narrative (experiences))
  • to thespians, everything is a play. (it’s about performance)
  • to a film-maker, everything is a movie. (it’s about communication)
  • to an educator, everything is a lesson. (it’s about teaching (and sometimes, learning))
  • to a set designer, everything is a set. (it’s about environment (space))
  • to an entrepreneur, everything is a business opportunity. (it’s about money (profit))

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