Worth Sharing: Digital badges hit the big time in higher ed

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summit-badgesIt’s not the badges that are meaningful – it’s what they represent. If the the thing they represent is meaningful then the badge is meaningful. It also helps if the badge is recognized as a form of credential.

Interesting that this comes across my feed in the same week that I get a notice from Michigan State (where I did my Graduate Certificate in Serious Game Design and Research, from Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media) that they are offering badges too. I’ll show them to you when I get them. This also relates to yesterday’s post on how institutions can become gamified – in part by doing exactly this.

While digital badges may sound like overshared gimmicks from the latest trendy game or social network, they have become serious commodities in the world of college credentials.More institutions no

Source: Digital badges hit the big time in higher ed | University Business Magazine

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