Vital Importance of Summer Down-Time

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What do you think of having a summer “off”? Do you think kids suffer from being away from school for 2 months in the summer?

1986-adam-beach_wmI think it is essential. I worry about what we lose when kids don’t have free time.

I was listening to a radio program the other day that talked about how to limit the screen time of our kids. One caller said she had trouble getting anything done because although they had a fully fenced yard, she couldn’t let them out unless she was with them. She also said she couldn’t have them help her in the kitchen because she was worried they might get hurt. She *was* willing to let her kids play with safe toys or listen to audio tapes in the kitchen while she worked.


Does anyone else worry that in our desire to fill our kids’ lives with safe, educational things that we are preventing them from having a real childhood?

Of course it’s important for them to go to the best schools and have the best jobs – if that’s your bag. Personally, I think it is more important to learn to love life and learning, have respect for the world and its inhabitants (ALL of them), take responsibility for your own actions (and the consequences),learn how to be alone (without being lonely), and have the time to discover your talents, desires (and even fears).

I’m not the only one.

1997-2_wmHow many of those people we recognize as extraordinary talents in anything learned they had those talents through school or some thing their parents made them do? A few, to be sure, but certainly not all and maybe not even most.

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