The 2014 ESA Essential Facts is Out

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HACKR118A few of the highlights that stood out for me:

  • Women and men are roughly equal in terms of who plays (though they do tend to play different games).
  • Gameplay on smartphones and mobile devices is on the rise.
  • The average age of gamers is marching right along with the time: it is now 31, with a fairly even split between the under 18s, the 18-35s, and the over 35s.
  • About 2/5 say they get better value for their money from games than other media (DVD, music, movies).
  • The most popular online games are casual and puzzle games  (58%).
  • These are also the most popular mobile games (77%).
  • Parental involvement is high, with >85% parents reporting that they are aware of the ESRB rating system, and that they oversee and control what their kids play, as well as how much they play.
  • Not surprisingly, action and shooter games are still the most popular console genres, but strategy and casual games are the most popular computer game genres.

As for which games were most popular? It’s nice to see the number of E-rated games is still high, and amusing to note that the Sims remains the most popular computer game franchise.



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