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A Young Stray Dawdled Into Our House. What Happened Next Was Incredible. | SF Globe.

Yes. OF COURSE baby ducks are adorable. I hatched ducklings for 22 years and never got over how wonderful they are. But I’m really starting to worry about the proliferation of these kinds of videos. Are we really supposed to believe these are all *amazing* happenings?

After raising ducks for more than 25 years, I know a few things about them.

There’s no way it “dawdled” into the house. They either found it and took it in, or hatched it. It is imprinted on the person in the video.

I really have to wonder how many of these are being staged for the publicity they garner? I also wonder what happens to the critters AFTER the internet hype dies down. Are these people committed to looking after these critters THEIR ENTIRE LIVES?

Just so you know: it’s cruel to raise a duckling in isolation from other ducklings, so I sure hope they didn’t do this just so they could make the video. Ducklings, like almost every other social creature need others of their kind in order to develop normally.

It’s one thing to actually find a duckling that’s been separated from its mother and siblings, but something else entirely to snatch one out of the wild so you can raise it, or, worse yet, to grab one so you can post videos like this.

Ray, Having a bath.

Ray, Having a bath.

I have a duck who has just had his 17th spring. I can’t say “seen” because he’s been blind for several years due to cataracts. He was hatched in 1997. He doesn’t get around very well anymore, so he gets some special treatment. So, a question for anyone who picks up a duckling (or gosling, or any other creature they “find”): are you prepared for THIS? A duck will *never* be house trained. You can’t house train something that doesn’t care where it poos.

If you want to see cute ducklings, or bunnies, poke around my farm gallery. I can guarantee you  that none of these were taken out of the wild for publicity, or to be used for click marketing.


Oh, and just in case you read some of the comments  under the video….. DO NOT FEED BIRD SEED TO DUCKLINGS! Also, DO NOT FEED BREAD TO DUCKLINGS! Honestly, the amount of misinformation that proliferates when it comes to the care of animals – especially anything that is neither a dog nor a cat – is truly staggering. When I was doing my hatching program, I put together a care guide for the eggs/ducklings. It provides some ideas of what to feed ducklings if you have no actual duckling feed.

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