coldantlerfarm: An Open Letter To Angry Vegetarians

Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutes Your lifestyle contributes to the destruction of natural habitats, and that includes the deaths of many animals. Eat in whatever way invokes respect and gratitude in your soul. Be grateful we live in this time of contrived and soon-to-be over … Continue reading

Tovar Cerulli – The hidden costs of vegetarianism

Approximate Reading Time: < 1 minute Tovar Cerulli – The hidden costs of vegetarianism. An excellent essay. Though crops can be grown without manure, such approaches typically require more acreage than do integrated plant-animal systems. Why till more land, and perhaps displace more wildlife habitat, for … Continue reading

REALLY getting tired of : What Happened Next Was Incredible / Amazing / Will Shock You / …

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes A Young Stray Dawdled Into Our House. What Happened Next Was Incredible. | SF Globe. Yes. OF COURSE baby ducks are adorable. I hatched ducklings for 22 years and never got over how wonderful they are. But I’m really starting … Continue reading

Are Rabbits the New Super Meat? – Modern Farmer

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes Nice article. The one thing I would disagree with though is: The fact that rabbits require a gentler environment than a factory farm can offer means the market largely relies on family-run operations like his own. “Mother Nature designed them … Continue reading

New Breed of Hunter Shoots, Eats and Writes –

Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutes Warning: this post may not be for everyone. It talks about hunting, and about raising animals for meat. The NYT article in the link is about a book written by the so-called “new breed” of hunter. Nice try, but I … Continue reading

Slouching toward a bananapocalypse? | Grist

Approximate Reading Time: < 1 minute Slouching toward a bananapocalypse? | Grist. All commercial bananas are of the same variety. They’re also seedless – which means they are not only the same kind but they are also the same plant. If something infects one instance of … Continue reading