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  • From Angry Birds to World of Warcraft, the charismatic popularity of entertainment games is the envy of every trainer teaching information security 101 or facilitating new hire orientation. Multiple articles, webinars, and conference presentations have touted the potential of incorporating the addictive and immersive features of commercial games to create “serious games” for workforce learning. In other words games have emerged as one of trainers’ most seductive silver bullets.

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  • Micro rewards have weird effects on decisions

    by Edward Castronova
    on November 30, 2012

    1195422416303492988johnny_automatic_mathematician.svg.medMost games use a sequence of little rewards to nudge players around. This is very different from most salary and hiring and review structures, which are big rewards in big intervals. Much has been made about the power of the games approach and how it should be used everywhere. To date (I haven’t been looking very hard), I’d not seen a hard analysis of how a sequence of little payments might affect the quality of decisions. Do they help people solve new problems? Do they help people remember what they are doing, and transfer the learning to other situations?

  • Still unknown is who funded this original research (UPDATE, major funding was from the USDA) . But once the Epicyte gene, which irreversibly sterilizes humans who eat it, was patented, Monsanto and DuPont bought the company in order to “commercially exploit” the Epicyte gene. That means they had a customer for this product! Who is buying this gene and where is it being used? After ten years, how many GMO products have included this human-sterilization gene?

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  • slideshare

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  • The research paper planner will provide you with resources and helpful tips to guide you through the steps of the research and writing process. To start, simply enter the dates that you plan to work on your paper:

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  • As far back as the ’70s there were claims that arcade gaming was damaging impressionable youngsters.

    And there were fresh outcries in the ’90s as hi-tech consoles moved into homes, with improved graphics making violence more gruesome.

    But new research by Brock University in Canada claims to have found the first clear link between teenagers playing graphic titles and displaying aggressive behaviour in real life.

    Researchers said games like Grand Theft Auto could be teaching kids that aggression is an “appropriate way to deal with conflict and anger”.

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