Male scientists still seem to think that women innately suck at math.

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What Male And Female Scientists Say About Women In Science

Interesting study, though to most women in the sciences, especially in math, physics, and tech, this is hardly news.

It might also be worth teaching male scientists that women don’t innately suck at math, a fact of which female scientists already seem to be aware.

In the survey, women were more likely than men to cite discrimination as a reason there were fewer female physicists than biologists. Women were less likely to say that individual preferences were a factor. In the interviews, other differences emerged. Biologists often said that innate differences played a role, but the way they talked about these differences changed depending on their gender. Women were more likely to talk about women’s desire to connect emotionally with what they were working; men talked about brain differences or women’s (supposed) problems with math.


“that few men in either discipline emphasized the present discrimination that women in science may face (and that men in physics hold a much larger share of senior faculty positions) suggests that discrimination is not being adequately addressed in physics departments at top research universities.”

via What Male And Female Scientists Say About Women In Science.

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