Global Edmonton | Student gets a zero: Teacher gets suspended

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via Global Edmonton | Student gets a zero: Teacher gets suspended.

Formal education takes another giant leap towards irrelevancy:

EDMONTON – A teacher with more than three decades of experience is speaking out after he says he was suspended for giving a student a zero.

Lynden Dorval has been a physics teacher at Ross Sheppard High School for 15 years and a teacher in the Edmonton Public School system for 35 years. Last week, he was suspended indefinitely for what he says was insubordination for disobeying an order not to give zeros to students.

“My prinicipal has been giving me directive for almost a year-and-a-half to not give students zeros if they don’t hand in work or show up to write an exam,” Dorval tells Global News. “Instead we have a comment policy where we’re supposed to put in comments indicating what they haven’t done. The problem with that is the marks program doesn’t count that for anything, so if a student had only done half the work then their average mark would be based only on that half the work. The average is calculated by whatever marks are in there.”

This sounds suspiciously like the work of a bully.

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