#UnschoolingRules: Places to Learn

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#UnschoolingRules: Places to Learn.

Well said Clark Aldrich.

The activity of farming teaches ethics as well as business and science. Many corporations today seem to be run by near-sociopathic MBA’s who think in terms of cramming, gaming the system, extraction, and winning for the sake of winning (95% of people in a survey thought L.L. Bean was now on the wrong track, as an example), all the attributes developed and rewarded by the current industrial school system.

Now consider the activity of family farming over writing term papers or studying for tests. Farming takes patience, physical work, stewardship, and the ability to react to a dynamic, real system.

I would add that it is also a system where most parts are out of your direct control. You cannot buy or sweet-talk the weather, the plants, or most animals.

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