What Teachers Want [episode 1]

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I’ve been struggling with my youngest son’s school of late.



I’ve been struggling with schools, on and off since my oldest first started school – seventeen years ago in 1990. My kids are bright, creative, and independent. Schools like compliance.
I’ve also been struggling with university, on and off for thirty years. As they say, “Same S*%T, different pile.” I’m independent too, though it turns out my biggest ‘problem’ is that I have integrity. Universities like compliance too.

We have a new principal.

Nothing changes.

Almost every teacher will say they want kids to become independent and think for themselves.

What teachers really want is for kids to independently agree with them. And to stop bothering them. They especially want parents to leave the ‘teaching’ up to them.

Teachers don’t want bright kids who question authority and who expect their teachers to be willing earn their respect. Teachers also don’t want kids or parents who call them on their ‘white’ lies. [I happen to think there ARE no white lies. Only lies.]

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