Where I’ve Been Online (Mar 22, 2014)

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  • “A Quick Look at Google’s New Add-Ons for Documents
    There is a lot of buzz about Google’s recent unveiling of its Add-Ons for Documents and Sheets. While Google’s online applications have a lot going for them, especially in regards to sharing and collaborative writing, people often miss many of the features of the vastly more powerful Microsoft Word and Excel programs. This is now partly balanced with Google’s new add-ons – third party, use-specific apps that can be selected and installed from a “Google Play” like collection and then triggered directly within a Google Doc or Spreadsheet.

    They are easy to install. The new “Add-ons” menu item appears automatically now. Click on it, then on “Get add-ons” to open a window with multiple apps to choose from. Simply follow the directions for the particular add-on (they vary slightly) and the new add-on will then appear in the drop-down menu.”

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