Places I’ve Been (to Nov. 23, 2013)

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  • “In the previous study, I presented data analysis that examined how users read and share Boston Globe posts on its Facebook Page. In this extended analysis, I’ve included qualitative analysis with a focus on cognition, content and emotion. My goal is to help newsrooms better promote their stories on and attract more attention from social media. “

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  • And what about situations where that kind of cue is more difficult? “I’m hopeful that the same principle will be important,” he said. If you understand exactly how long it will take you to lose weight and incorporate the uncertainty into your thinking — if you realize that it may be a two-to-four-months rather than a two-weeks-or-bust situation — you would be far more capable of resisting that brownie in the present moment. It won’t be as simple as seeing the train wait time tick down in front of you, but it will be better than having no sign on the platform at all. At least you’ll understand that waiting longer doesn’t always mean waiting indefinitely. Investing upfront in realistic time frames — and learning to adjust those time frames as new information becomes available — may help us resist the pull of rewards that come too soon. Controlling our sense of the future, in other words, may help us control our behavior in the present.

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