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  • [Originally published in Game Developer magazine’s free Career Guide issue, this annual survey provides a comprehensive breakdown of salaries and job prospects for entry-level game developers and beyond.]

    Every year, we ask thousands of Game Developer and Gamasutra readers to tell us how much money they made last year, along with a slew of related questions. We get everyone from established developers to newbies to tell us their base salaries, benefits, additional compensation, and other work information so we can show you what to expect if you decide to pursue a career in the game industry.

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  • Social Science Palooza III
    Published: December 10, 2012 69 Comments


    Elections come and go, but social science marches on. Here are some recent research findings that struck my fancy.

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  • “Shepherds of Coyote Rocks” reveals the broad spectrum of the human relationship with nature, from harmony to rugged adventure. Author Cat Urbigkit offers interesting reflections on the role of pastoralists around the globe and on the controversial issue in Western American lands—private livestock herds being run on public space.
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    Writer and photographer Cat Urbigkit got to know public lands in the Upper Green River Basin by living the practice of transhumance—herding sheep across the seasons—by living with livestock guardian dogs and joining the ancient tradition of the shepherd. In this excerpt from the first chapter of her book Shepherds of Coyote Rocks (Countryman Press, 2012), read about the beginning of this communion with the outside world.

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