Are Household Bugs A Risk To Human Health?

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Are Household Bugs A Risk To Human Health?.

Date: 26 Jan 2011 – 4:00 PST

Well, DUH! Of COURSE they are!

Do they really not think that feeding antibiotics to farm animals as if they were regular feed is going to have NO effect on the ecology of everything that comes in contact with those animals?

Are they really that stupid, or are they just hoping WE are?
Given the widespread ignorance of how our animals are raised these days, I suspect the answer is the latter. Even many small scale farmers seem to think it’s OK to treat with antibiotics without even diagnosing the problem. Your rabbit feeling a bit off? Give it some penicillin – just for a day of two though -till it seems better. Your goats having some issues? Don’t bother calling the vet or figuring out why they are off, just get out the terramycin and give ‘er!

The ignorance of the general population about how their food is produced is FAR more dangerous to our survival than playing violent video games. Oh, and don’t think that being a vegetarian, or even a vegan lets you off the hook. Claiming purity simply because you don’t eat meat, will NOT protect you from the kind of plague that could hit the planet once 99.9% of all germs have been eliminated.

You can’t expect the bull not to charge simply because you don’t eat beef.

I have news for you guys, it’s not the 99.9% of the bugs you can kill with your hand sanitizer that are going to kill you – it’s the 0.1% that SURVIVES!

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more….we all need to just let our bodies build up resistance as best as it can, and only resort to antibiotics when absolutely necessary and all other ways have been tried.
    It’s a time bomb just ticking away waiting to explode on this planet.

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