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Who Lays Eggs?

Part 1: Preschool - Grade 2;
Part 2: Research Project for Grade 3-4


30 minutes


  1. To discover what kinds of animals lay eggs.
  2. To make a list.
  3. To make a collage.
  4. To work with fine motor skills.
  5. To create a finished product.


  • paper
  • bristol board
  • scissors
  • glue
  • magazines (with pictures of animals)


  1. Brainstorm on what kinds of animals lay eggs.
  2. Make a list of these animals.
  3. Find pictures of animals that lay eggs and cut them out (add to the list as necessary).
  4. Glue pictures on the bristol board to form a collage.


Who Lays Eggs? Part Two: Research

Think of an animal that lays eggs (something unusual maybe). Research to fill in the following information :

  1. Species:
  2. Classification:
  3. Habitat:
  4. Eggs are laid in…
  5. Number of eggs produced:
  6. Description of eggs:
  7. Egg care:
  8. Protective Coverings:
  9. Heat Source for eggs during incubation:
  10. Incubation period:
  11. Method of hatching:
  12. Predators:
  13. Special Information:
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