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Egg Examination

GRADE 4 (could get more involved for higher levels)


10 minutes


  1. Examine a fresh egg
  2. Label (orally) the parts of an egg


  1. bowl fresh
  2. egg
  3. magnifying glass


  1. Crack open the egg into the bowl (have class siting in a circle on the floor and put the bowl in the middle)
  2. Identify the various parts of the egg
    1. shell
    2. yolk
    3. thick white
    4. thin white
    5. chalazae
    6. germ spot
    7. shell membranes (in the shell)
    8. air cell (in the large end of the shell)
  3. Set the bowl in a place where the children may observe it during the day


  1. What is the 'germ spot'? The part that will grow into a duckling.
  2. Can you find the germ spot with the magnifying glass?

For a labelled diagram of an egg, see:

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