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Duck Craft

Preschool - Grade 2 (more help required with younger students)


30 minutes


  1. To make a resemblance of a duckling using various materials.
  2. To work with fine motor skills.
  3. To create a finished product.


  • rolly eyes (2/child)
  • small yellow pompoms (1/child)
  • craft glue
  • egg shells broken in half (half/child)
  • orange felt material
  • strawberry container (1/child)
  • fake straw (available around Easter)


  1. Instruct children that they are going to be making baby ducklings. Show the finished product, and then give instructions on how to make duckling.
  2. Glue eyes onto the pompom, as well as a bill cut from orange felt material.
  3. When dry, put some glue in the bottom of a clean egg shell, and then put the pompom inside.
  4. A 'bed' for the duckling can be made out of a strawberry container with fake straw.
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