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ACTIVITY: Class Daily Diary

ECS - Grade 2 (can also be used at higher levels)


10 minutes daily


  1. To keep a daily diary on the development of the eggs.
  2. To keep a calendar on how many more days it will take for the eggs to incubate.
  3. Children will understand how many days it will take for an egg to incubate.


  1. 28 day calendar
  2. large paper (28 squares)
  3. homemade egg book (big book)


  1. The home-made egg book can be as simple or elaborate as desired but should at least include some description (and pictures) of the major milestones of development. Ideally, it would be a 28-page book outlining the daily development of the embryo along with pictures or drawings. This book can be made with the help of the class as a class project, or can be prepared ahead of time.
  2. A 28 day calendar will be posted in the duckling hatchery. As each day passes, cross it off so a count down will take place.
  3. Keep a large piece of paper marked off in 28 squares in the duckling hatchery to show (draw) the development of the egg. Alternately, an egg book can be developed at the same time as the eggs themselves grow.



Keep a diary after the hatch recording daily development and activities. Try writing it from the ducklings' point of view!


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