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A Tale of An Egg (A Story with Finger Puppets)

Preschool - Grade 2


4 minutes


finger (or paper) puppets:

egg fly
“man” “bee”
frog fir tree
owl groundhog
“mushroom” “mole”
birch tree bed-bug
hare “fox”

ONCE UPON A TIME there was a little egg who liked to sleep. He was sleeping peacefully one day, when suddenly a man snatched him up and stole him away.

The man put him in an egg cup, and that made the little egg very frightened. So he ran away. He ran until he found himself standing before a very large owl. The little egg said to the very large owl, 'Please, sir, help me. I've run away and I don't know what to do.' The very large owl said, 'Harrumph, you eggs are all the same, always getting lost or broken. May advise to you is to be something different. Give up being an egg - BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.' So it came about that the little egg began to walk through the forest in search of a better life.

The first thing he met in the forest was a clump of mushrooms who said to the little egg, 'Go away. Not much room here.

Shoo, shoo!'
So the little egg walked on until he came to a shoe fly.
He said to the shoe fly, 'Could I be like you, sir?'
'No,' said the shoe fly as he shuffled away, you haven't enough feet to be a shoe fly like me.'
The little egg continued through the forest asking everyone he met if he could be like them and do as they did.

He met a bee and the little egg said to the bee, 'Could I be like you, sir?'
'No,' said the bee in a stinging voice. 'You can't be like me because you can't fly like I can.'

He met a groundhog. He said to the groundhog, 'Can I be like you, sir?'
'No,' grumbled the groundhog selfishly. 'All this ground is mine.'
Then he met a mole-in-the-hole. And the little egg said to the mole-in-the-hole, 'Can I be like you, sir?'
'I don't think so,' mumbled the mole-in-the-hole meekly,'because you cannot dig holes like I can.'

And he met a frog-on-a-log. The little egg said to the frog-on-a-log, 'Can I be like you, sir?'
'No,' croaked the frog-on-a-log hoarsely, 'because you can't sing like I can. Gur-ock, gur-ack.'
The little egg met a birch tree, and he said to the birch tree, 'Can I be like you, sir?' 'No,' barked the birch tree stiffly, 'You haven't got roots to be a tree like me.'

When he met a fir tree, the little egg said to the fir tree, 'Can I be like you, sir?' 'No,' snapped the fir tree hotly, 'because you haven't got a fine coat like mine.'

Next the little egg met a bed-bug. He asked the bed-bug, 'Can I be like you, sir?'
'No,' yawned the bed-bug lazily. 'I'm much smaller than you and you wouldn't fit into my tiny bed.' When he met a bouncy hare, he asked him, 'Can I be like you, sir?'
'No.' giggled the bouncy hare, 'because I can run very fast. You could never keep up with me.'

Finally he met a fox. And the little egg said to the fox, 'Can I be like you, sir?'
'No,' sneered the fox slyly, 'You aren't as clever as I am. But I'm willing to help you.'
So the fox and the little egg sat down on a log together to think.
Then the fox thought some more, alone in his tub. And there he had an idea.

'You will be Humpty-Dumpty,' announced the fox.
Together they built a big, high brick wall. And the fox sold tickets.

Then the little egg climbed up the ladder to the top of the brick wall.
And all the people waited to see the little egg being Humpty-Dumpty.

The little egg was afraid to fall, but the fox gave him a push with a broom.

And the little egg did fall off the wall, just like Humpty-Dumpty. It seemed the owl was right: eggs do get eaten or broken.

But not this time, because….

He became a rooster.

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