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Bird Watching List

ECS - Grade 2 (with help); can be adapted to any level


20 minutes plus 5-10 minutes daily OBJECTIVES:

1. Identifying wild birds 2. Bird watching 3. Making lists/charts 4. Keeping a log


  • large paper
  • stickers
  • felt


  1. Make a list of all the birds that might be seen in your area. Suggestions: magpies, crows, red-tailed hawk, meadow lark, mountain blue-bird, red-winged black-bird, robin, goldfinch, swallows, sparrows, chickadees, redpoll
  2. Each day record: who has seen birds; what were they; how did you identify them? Record sightings by date & what the bird was doing.


  1. Create a “Migration List”: which birds…
    • come in the spring?
    • travel farther north to nest?
    • nest here?
    • stay all year?
    • have only some individuals stay while most continue on?
  2. Make 'Bird Sighting' cards for students to fill out. Post the cards on a chart.
  3. Make a large graph or chart of birds you might expect to see and use bird pictures or shapes to build the 'bars' or the graph. Don't forget an 'OTHER' category for surprise sightings!

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