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All About:

Ducks and other birds, including LINKS to other resources
Incubation and hatching
Eggs for eating too
Candling Eggs a tutorial on incubation, embryology and candling eggs with drawings, photos & video
Rabbits This is a link to Mink Hollow Rabbitry

School Hatching Program
IMPORTANT NOTE: This section is for reference ONLY. We no longer provide hatching eggs.
*Before you get your eggs
*Hatching Handbook
*Count Down
*Checklist (updated 2009)

For Teachers (support materials)
Activities (for various age groups)

Farm Photo Album
(farm pics & more)

Mink Hollow Media Site

<hi> Contact the Farm: school [dot] program [at] minkhollow [dot] ca </hi>


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Resources Related to Teaching and More

Hatching As a School Project Handbook - a brief introduction to incubation and hatching. See the School Hatching Program for more about the project.

For The Classroom (mostly)

Activities - some suggestions for all age groups
Just for Fun - clip-art, borders and backgrounds
Farm Animal Families - names for the different moms, dads, and kids
Collective Names of Animals Ever wondered what to call a group of rhinoceros? Find out Here.
Sleep-Over "Kit" Ideas and Strategies so ducklings can go home with class-mates for sleep-overs [for the safety of the ducklings some cautions apply].
How to Blow Out an Egg Illustrated instructions.

Vocabulary, Books, etc.

Book List - books for all ages: picture books, stories, references
Glossary - words associated with ducks and hatching and what they mean
Word List - words associated with ducks and hatching
Using the Word List - Things to do using the Word List


Sorted roughly by target audience.

Duck Anatomy (outside) All ages. A picture of a duck with various parts labeled. Pass the mouse over the picture to find closeups!
Tutorial on Candling Eggs - Main Page All ages. On-Line Tutorial: How to Candle Eggs Check it Out! Lots of Pictures & Movies! Take the Test!
Incubation Temperatures All ages. - a list of incubation temperatures for different birds and at different stages of incubation
What are the parts of an egg? All ages. A picture with labels.
Breed Notes All ages. A Breeder's description of each of the breeds we keep (including our own variety currently under development)
Ducks As Pets All ages. How to keep and care for a small flock (up to 6) of ducks.
In an Eggshell All ages. (a description of how eggs are made and how they develop into ducklings)
Birds, Eggs and Ducks All ages. - Questions and Answers
Stages of Development (Embryology) Jr.-Sr. High School Chart describing the developmental stages of an embryo. Some of it even looks like English.
Embryology Glossary Jr.-Sr. High School A glossary to help you understand the parts from the chart (above) that don't seem to be English.
Colour Genetics Jr.-Sr. High School A short explanation of the Black/Brown colour gene, as expressed in Silver Appleyards.
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