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ACTIVITY: How to Blow Out an Egg

Ages 8 and up, with supervision.


1 or 2 minutes per egg


To empty an egg so it can be used for crafts or display.


Raw Egg Darning Needle, corsage Pin, or Awl Bowl Water for rinsing the shell


Use a darning needle or corsage pin to poke a hole in one end of the egg. It is recommended that you start with the broader end, as it has the air cell in it. Starting with the “pointy end” can result in egg oozing out before you are ready.
Poke the needle far enough in to pierce the inner membrane on the other side of the air-cell and to also pierce the yolk. The yolk has a membrane around it as well and will sometimes get pushed out without this breaking, which requires considerable blowing!
Make another hole in the narrow end of the egg, somewhat bigger than the first (about 1/8th inch; bigger for goose eggs).
Hold the big (aircell) end up to your mouth and blow while you hold the egg over the bowl.
Once the egg is mostly empty, partially fill it with water, hold the holes closed and shake it a bit to rinse the insides. Then blow the wayer out again. Repeat a few times till the water runs out clear and not frothy.
Let dry.




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