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Tutorial on How To Candle Duck Eggs

This part of the site is devoted to information on candling eggs - both fresh ones and during incubation. The navigation is on the left side of the page.

<hi> Please Note: The candling section is not yet complete, so please be patient as we add and update material. </hi>

Additional Resources

General Reference Pages

General Reference Pages:
These general reference pages are pages from elsewhere in this site that are particularly relevant to the candling pages.
The Glossary [birds; ducks; eggs; incubation…]
What are the parts of an egg?
Embryology Glossary
Stages of Development (Embryology)

List of Learn More Pages

List of Learn More Pages (in order of appearance, more-or-less)
The Learn More Pages are intended to help answer questions not directly related to candling that often come up while looking at candling. If you have a question that doesn't get answered here, let us know!
Learn More Page: First Seen on Page:
Why is it called Candling? Introduction
What are the parts of an egg? Why Candle
How can I build my own Candler? What Do We Need
How is an egg made? Let's Begin (Shells)
Why NOT use large, or small eggs to incubate? [coming]
Why are bumpy shells a problem? Let's Begin (Shells)
How should we handle a freshly laid egg? Good Eggs
How can we tell the age of an egg in water? Too Old
Why is a poorly placed or ruptured air-cell a problem for hatching eggs? Air Cell
Why don't cesarean sections work on birds? Double Yolk
Sheesh, if there are so many things that can go wrong with an egg, how come we don't ever see any of that when we buy them at the store? [coming]
How far is the duckling developed when the egg is first laid? [coming]

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