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Egg Squeezing

ECS - Grade 4


10 minutes


  1. To discover the strength of an intact egg.
  2. To observe the shape of an egg.
  3. To discuss why an egg will not break if squeezed.


- fresh egg(s) - pictures (or examples) of different kinds of eggs


  1. Ask various children to squeeze an egg and try to break it by putting their whole hand around it and squeezing.
  2. Why won't it break? Discuss.
  3. Discuss the shape of the egg.
  4. Why did nature (God) make them this shape? What do you think the reason was?
  5. Look at the pictures (examples) of other types of eggs (make sure you have some of different colours, markings and shapes) Describe the different eggs you have and suggest why they might have different shapes and colours. For example: eggs of most ground-nesting birds are very well camouflaged, while eggs from most tree-nesting birds are either white or blue. Another example: eggs laid by sea-birds that nest on cliffs are very pointy at the small end - this results in the egg rolling in tight circles when moved and not off the cliff!
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