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The Game of Goose


How the Game got its name is unclear. The very earliest examples of the board, several centuries old, often show goose designs on certain of the board's squares. Perhaps, since the game is a travel and adventure race, there is some connection with “wild goose chases.”

Goose was one of the first games brought to America by the colonists. A handsome version of the board which dates from the Colonial period is on display as Colonial Williamsburg. The squares on the board displayed here are based on traditional American quilting patterns. The home square shows a pattern called “Goose Feet”.

PIECES: One die, one marker of a different colour for each player.

TO PLAY: Goose is a game for two to four players. The die is thrown by turn and players advance the corresponding number of squares, starting at one.

* If a marker lands on a square on which a rising sun is shown (12 or 25), the player gets an extra turn. * Landing on a Kansas Trouble Windmill (18, 29, or 43) means you must return to the square from which that turn was started. * Landing on a goose facing left means you exchange places with the nearest player behind you. If no player is behind you, you are to change places with the nearest marker in front of you. * Landing on a goose facing right means stay where you just landed and pass the die to the next player. * A house is “jail”. The player who lands there must skip a turn, unless another marker lands there in the meantime, in which case the first player is free. * The feathered flower means two extra turns for the player who lands there. * The square marked with a basket design means putting your piece back tot he start if you land there. * To win, a player must be the first to land on “Goose Feet” with an exact roll of the die. When a player is close to “Goose Feet” and throws a number larger than he needs, he must move backward one square for every point on the die which is more than what he needs to finish.

The Board

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