Gamification 101[2]: Reflecting on Previous Versions

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This is Part 2 in my continuing saga of my current iteration of a gamified course.

Last time I mentioned one of the changes I implemented last year was to offer small bonuses for getting things in by a particular date. That worked quite well and so I plan to continue that.

This course is an intro to computing course and a common problem is that many students believe they already know a lot about technology and so attendance is a challenge. Given the lack of deadlines and the wide variety of options for earning points, attendance is even more of a challenge in the gamified course than it is in a ‘regular’ one. As a result, I decided I would make more of an effort to modularize the course. I intend to provide pre-tests for each module so that students will get feedback on their level of preparedness before the module is taught. The hope is that this will let students know which sections of the course they should attend and which ones they can safely skip out on. I do track attendance, so I’ll let you know how it works out.

gamificationIf you are interested in following my course journal, watch for the “Gamification 101” heading.

Also, for more information on gamification, check out my website here.

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