iPad3 means no shuffling between several gadgets … REALLY????

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iPad3 means no shuffling between several gadgets | NextWorth.

Professing never-ending love for the iPad has taken on a real cult-like fervor. It’s really quite embarrassing.

The digital world is converging on a revolutionary all-in-one device, the powerful, brand-new iPad. These are the iconic portable devices that led to (and are to some extent being replaced by) Apple’s innovation.


I have an iPad – it has replaced NOTHING. In fact I now have MORE devices to carry around rather than fewer.

I just came back from an Ed Conference where almost everyone has an iPad. People in Education LOVE LOVE LOVE their iPads, and are quite hurt and offended if anyone says anything bad about them. When I say that it really isn’t much good at doing real work, they say, of COURSE it is…. I use mine ALL THE TIME.

OK. The infographic shows how people use their iPads.

  • 35% browsing the web
  • 22% social media
  • 12% play games
  • 12% watch videos

leaving 19% for EVERYTHING ELSE. Let’s be generous and suppose that email takes up only half of that (it’s probably more). That leaves 10% for ALL other activities, including, BUT NOT LIMITED TO actually making something. What do you use your computer for? I don’t know about you but I write papers and books, develop games, write actual computer programs, create presentations, design courses, do accounting, archive several hundred gigabytes of photos, videos and other info, and so on. The iPad can handle NONE of that.


This ad claims the “new” iPad 3 will replace nearly $3500 worth of devices. OK, I’ll bite. Lets see…

$710 Laptop: NOPE. One of the last trips I was on, I took my iPad and my Transformer. Sorry to say NEITHER one could even help me make a simple powerpoint presentation. I was able to edit one on the Transformer, but I couldn’t make a new one. When I travel, I still need my netbook. Whatever my netbook can’t handle, I do at home on my desktop.

$105 e-reader: maybe. Although, that’s debatable. I much prefer my Kobo for reading: it’s light, batteries last for days, and I can read in the daylight. If anyone thinks I’m going to replace my Kobo with something that costs more than twice as much, think again.

$200 tablet: the iPad IS a tablet, for crying out loud.  Most people have no use for TWO tablets, so this is just a red herring.

$120 Gaming System: Yea, … NO WAY. Anyone who is in the least serious about playing games will NOT be replacing their Wii, or Xbox, or PlayStation, or ANY of their portable game devices with an iPad. Most gamers – even most fairly casual gamers have multiple game devices. They’re not like toasters you know, where all you need is one.

$1500 digital SLR camera : SERIOUSLY? ….. This is a joke, right? The iPad takes LOUSY pictures. Anyone who is interested enough in photography to buy a digital SLR would think you were NUTS if you suggested the iPad toy camera could replace their real camera.

$370 point-and-shoot camera: HARDLY. By modern standards, 5MP is pathetic, and the iPad doesn’t even have a flash. Like I said, the iPad takes lousy pictures. My Transformer is better. Hell, my phone (NOT an iPhone) is better. AND, my little point-and-shoot takes 12 MP pics, does great video, has 3x optical and 12x digital zoom, and has a GOOD flash. NOT only that, it’s shock-proof, freeze-proof AND water-proof. I wonder what would happen to my iPad if I accidentally dropped it in duck poo on a winter day and then tried to wash it under the tap? I’ve done that with my point-and-shoot. It’s FINE. I doubt the iPad would be. (And I can totally see myself walking around on the farm toting an iPad around my neck while I do chores so I’ll be ready to snap that perfect picture. NOT. I’d look like something out of The Typing of the Dead. And I have no doubt the bunnies and other critters would be perfectly fine with me shoving something that looks like a book in their faces….. Thanks. I’ll keep my point-and-shoot. I’ll buy another camera before I buy another iPad).

$435 iPad 2 OK. This is just specious. I can’t think of ANY reason to replace a functioning tablet with another ALMOST identical tablet. The iPad 3, in spite of claims to the contrary is not a revolutionary ANYTHING, unless you count brainwash.

On second thought…. if you buy the ‘message’ in this ad, I have some snake oil you might also be interested in…… cheap…. replaces ALL OTHER DRUGS. Seriously. No. Really…..

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