Well Worth Watching: Losing Lena

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It’s time for gender equality in tech, let’s start by losing Lena. Add your voice at https://www.losinglena.com #losinglena

“I failed to see this as an image of a person.”
…. just an object being used to build, adapt, or train an algorithm.
My ideas are *STILL* often dismissed.
I have THREE strikes against me:
1. I’m female.
2. My PhD is in Ed Tech (y’know, not //REAL//)
3. I am a sessional. (Be sure to insert the silent “JUST A” before the word ‘sessional’.
Never mind that I have more teaching experience than almost ALL of my colleagues. (I actually taught a fair number of my colleagues when THEY were undergrads.)
Never mind that my publication record is better than almost ALL of my colleagues.
Sometimes it’s hard not to express frustration.

Source: Losing Lena

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