Worth Sharing: Why Design Thinking is bullshit

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With a Hat-Tip to Alex Bruton for sharing this.

This is yet another one of these “hot new terms” that people like to say in the hopes it will make them sound “with it”. It seems to be one of the current best-things-since-sliced-bread, especially in education.

Design thinking is now being presented as a means to innovation, but poorly constructed courses only offer a shallow preface of the rigour in the design field. Falling to the ranks of instant weight-loss pills or books promising overnight wealth after reading, design thinking salesmen sell empty pledges to innocent companies looking for a quick fix. Two-day boot camps, hackathons and online courses vow to help generate product ideas like the iPhone. Pictures always show climatic brainstorming session giving participants the chance to let loose with their imagination on infamous rainbow post-its. Sometimes they show prototyping sessions with hot glue and Legos to visualise the next big thing to deliver on that ROI. But if the course ends with lingering confusion, disillusioned attendees will fail to see the true value that design can bring.

Source: It’s Nice That | Why Design Thinking is bullshit

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