Fun with Google Docs (Part 1)

Approximate Reading Time: 4 minutes OK, this is just too much fun. It also has the potential to shift how we work together in some interesting and fundamental ways. This is the first of a multi-part post outlining my experiences with Google Docs in the … Continue reading

How important is it for teaching faculty to actually know how to teach (and to actually care about the success of their students)?

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes Thanks Mark for once again posting something that makes me think (and that gives me an opportunity to tough on a favorite topic: the importance of teaching quality in higher ed). Boredom vs. Failure Part 2: The New Demographic From Mark’s … Continue reading

All Videogames, All the Time?

Approximate Reading Time: < 1 minute Now, I’m a big fan of Serious Games, but I’m also quite sure that this is one of those cases where more is not necessarily better. What is important is balance. I suppose it may be difficult to make sure … Continue reading

Be professional enough to do a decent literature review…

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes SHEESH! I get a lot of papers to review in Game Studies; Serious Games; Educational Games., etc. I used to learn a lot from reading these papers. Not anymore. Not only is much of what I read “old news” (i.e. … Continue reading

Look out SMART Technologies – the writing may be on the wall, and it isn’t yours.

Approximate Reading Time: < 1 minute In Today’s MIT Tech Review: A Better, Cheaper Multitouch Interface A new pressure-sensitive pad could improve large and small touch screens. I’ve thought for some time that the SMART Technologies’ White Board which is marketed so vigorously to Alberta schools … Continue reading

In Class Laptop Use Shown to Lower Test Scores…

Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutes Intellagirl posted a note about this article today and I was curious, so I read it too… She suggested that the article had entirely missed the point, and she is absolutely right! The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 16, 2009 … Continue reading

How to avoid the 70-hour work week.

Approximate Reading Time: 4 minutes Warning: what follows is another rant. So here I am working at a new job. I really like the institution (for the most part). I really like the faculty (for the most part). I really like the job (for the … Continue reading

Why Should Students Come to Class if They Already Have My Notes?

Approximate Reading Time: < 1 minute Once again, there is an article where some professor (or group of professors) laments that people won’t come to his(her) class if they have prior access to their notes. Students profit from diligent note-taking offers cash, gifts for students … Continue reading