Kids These Days (sheesh)….

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes Net Gen kids cheat, they say…. OK, this annoys me.  Apparently, we learn very little through the millennia. “The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place … Continue reading

Videogames – Ya Got Trouble!~

Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutes Some years ago I was at a conference where Dmitri Williams was talking about the social history of videogames. He made reference to this song as a way of illustrating how the societal reaction to videogames isn’t really new. Since … Continue reading

Rant about faculty webpages.

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes KEEP THEM CURRENT!!!! Sheesh. How can someone claim to be “with it” technologically when their webpages were last updated a YEAR ago? These are modern times. And your webpage is your public face. Do it right. First, if you are … Continue reading

What is needed for an online university to become a world leader? (part 1)

Approximate Reading Time: 6 minutes I was asked this question yesterday. I may be paraphrasing, but this was the essence of it. It was a good question. I was among a group of peers, but I was also in a position where I didn’t want … Continue reading

What is a Game? [Part 1]

Approximate Reading Time: < 1 minute What is a Game? Games are classified in many different ways and even after going round and round repeatedly, we still can’t seem to agree on what a game actually is. Here are a few examples: Some examples of casual … Continue reading

What Teachers Want [episode 1]

Approximate Reading Time: < 1 minute I’ve been struggling with my youngest son’s school of late. Again. Still. I’ve been struggling with schools, on and off since my oldest first started school – seventeen years ago in 1990. My kids are bright, creative, and independent. Schools … Continue reading

I am an Ed Tech heretic.

Approximate Reading Time: < 1 minute Thank you Freeman Dyson. “In the modern world, science and society often interact in a perverse way. We live in a technological society, and technology causes political problems. The politicians and the public expect science to provide answers to … Continue reading

Take That, R.E.Clark….

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes Among the points highlighted in Clark’s recent article trashing serious games are that “…the research shows no instructional advantages of games over the other instructional approaches (such as lectures)…” and that “only poorly designed studies find learning benefits from games“. … Continue reading