Keeping a Single Duck is Cruel!

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes This video came across my path today: YouTube – Ducks who Truck. Cute, but I pray this does NOT inspire people to go out and get a duck as a pet!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T!!! Every year I get people … Continue reading

How are You Helping the Planet?

Approximate Reading Time: 4 minutes We are making a mess of our planet. Whether you are a “believer” in the so-called ‘settled science’ of Climate Change or one of those heretics that the Movement derisively refers to as a ‘denialist’, most people would agree, however … Continue reading

Another nail in the coffin….and another step away from being natural.

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes Many people seem to believe that every natural place should be available for recreation, and that all other uses should defer to them. People who try to raise animals ethically and naturally repeatedly come under fire, but I don’t see all of North America going vegan any time soon, so eventually, the ONLY way left to raise animals for meat will be through factory farms.

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…a short and miserable life…

Approximate Reading Time: 13 minutes My husband and I had dinner with a friend last night whom we both like and respect a great deal. We talked about many things, among them our attitudes about the human use of animals. My friend is a vegan, and we’re not.

I struggle with the moral issues involved and so I continued to think about this after dropping our friend off at his hotel. I try very hard to be logical and reasonable in my arguments. I suspect I may have not succeeded entirely on this one. But neither did my friend.

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Some people still get it… decent and varied lives for the animals.

Approximate Reading Time: < 1 minute Those who no longer have a connection with nature, with the animals whose lives we take for our food, and those who don’t live with animals, have lost something that in the end will turn out to have been very … Continue reading

On: On Sheep Dogs and Wolves

Approximate Reading Time: 7 minutes I don’t usually do this, but this is a response to another blog, found here.  The piece I am commenting on is part of a larger post about what Canadian troops are doing in Afghanistan. It is in support of … Continue reading