Gadget (Rottweiler 8.0; Dog 12.0)

Gadget: Rottweiler, VV3 Akamai Aladdin Sane of Eirian, TT, KS9 3B (rf), CKC BY591435, December 27, 2014

(A.K.A. Guber, Dude)


Seeker: Rottweiler, Can. Ch. Akamai Dreamseeker CD RE BH RL1 CGN TT HIC

Seeker (A.K.A. Squeaker, A.K.A. The Princess) born June 2, 2006; came to live with us in the spring of 2014, and died Dec. 27, 2016.

  • SG-4 Rated
  • Multi Best Puppy in Breed
  • Rottweiler Club of Canada Hall of Fame Eligible for 2009
  • ADPT Award of Excellence 2008
  • APDT Rally Achievement Award/Canadian Top 20, #15 in 2008
  • Number 6 Rally Obedience Rottweiler in Canada 2008 (#2 in Advanced and #3 Excellent)
  • OFA Hips RO-69122G24-PI
  • OFA Elbows DJDII
  • OVC Elbows NORMAL # 0039264
  • OFA Cardiac - RO-CA2994/13F/C-PI
  • CERF - RO-5854
  • OFA Thyroid NORMAL RO-TH502/25F-VPI
  • CHIC#51143
  • CHIC DNA Repository RO-DNA-107/S


Digit: Rottweiler, Akamai N Mokobreeze Eclipse, HIC, TT, KS9 8T (rf), CKC TQ176677, August 5, 2007 (died April 23, 2014)

  • CERF# RO-6833/2009
  • OFA Cardiac# RO-CA3844/20M/C-VPI
  • Temperament Test: TT-2009-04-30 (July 12 2009)
  • OVC Hips: both normal # 0041526
  • OVC Elbows: both normal # 0041526
  • OFA Hips: RO-70393G25M-VPI
  • OFA Elbows: DJD-I (left & right)

A.K.A Digerido, Didge, Dude


Pixel: Rottweiler, Kymejo's Caughtya Misbehavin, BFW 4H (lf), CKC HA496792, Jan 19 1998 - August 9 2007

  • Labcam's Astral Roar X Heatherdown's Misbehavin Missy
  • Labcam's Astral Roar by Heatherdown's Cerberus out of Mink Hollow's Botany Bay


Danka: Rottweiler, Elton's Fraulein Danka, RE4 2RF, CKC 1044132, *co-owned with* Pat Elton, Jun 28 1991 - 1998

A.K.A. Needlenose.

Danka 1996 Danka


Vector: Rottweiler, Mink Hollow's Belen Vector, VHK ??, CKC ??, December 16 1986

Placed in new home 1987


Cursor: Rottweiler, Ch. Mink Hollow's Amber Jewel, VHK 4T, CKC SQ500995*, Aug 15 1985 - 1991


Schinken: Rottweiler, Ch. Heidegruen's Celito CD, SKK 10R RF, CKC QE373630, Hips: RO7830T-G Mar 31 1983 - Dec. 1995

A.K.A. Stinkerdog

Archura (LGD 6.0, Dog 14.0)

Archura, Turkish Kangal unregistered, born April 20, 2021, Backwood Goats Ruger X Remi, chip: 900219000 566131
My first ever unregistered dog.

Archura is a shapeshifting woodland spirit. He protects the forests and the animals, and usually appears as a peasant man. But he can change his size from that of a blade of grass to a tall tree. His hair and beard are living grass, and he has no shadow.

As wonderful as the Archura sounds, they are seldom friends of man. They’re defensive of their forests, and mischievous beings. So while they’re not evil, they’re not great neighbours either.

A.K.A. “My Little Pony”

Freya (LGD 5.0, Dog 13.0)

Freya, Sarplaninac “Grazerie's Freya”, born July 12, 2017, Shar Mountain's Vuk X Grazerie's Lucy, UKC P846-473, chip: 900026000 630590
Lucy has the same father as Odin AND Rubic. This makes Freya Odin's niece. Nice.


Odin, Master of Ecstasy: Sarplaninac, Grazerie's Tom, chip: 900026000164276, Tag: AV63455, UKC P724-116 August 18 2012 - March 20 2023

A.K.A. The Rookie, The kindest, most tolerant, and patient dog I have known.


Rubic: Sarplaninac, Mink Hollow Seya, chip: 900026000103310, Tag: A226134, UKC P603-073 Jan. 4 2009

A.K.A. Gozer, Destroyer of Worlds
A.K.A. The Kracken


Arrow: Great Pyrenees, Kerlesha's Silver Arrow, RGT 2R (le), CKC RJ034954, May 24 2005 - August 23, 2017

A.K.A. Arroneus


Scanner: Great Pyrenees, Pola Scanner of Mink Hollow, CKC FY436558 born Dec 29 1996, (died Aug. 29 2008) tatoo 9Hs 18Fl, sire: Pola Diamonds Forever VW741297, dam: Kerlesha's Kemo Natani BQ111232

A.K.A. Scannerooni

1997-scanner-4.jpg s-scanner-28-02-04.jpg sm-scanner-04-01-08-1.jpg
Schinken & Cursor Schinken showing off Schinken March 1983 - Dec 1995
Danka 1996 Danka Pixel

Born August 15 1985

CH. Bryloukis Evil Guardian Ninja (Ninja) X CH. Heidegruen's Celito CD (Schinken)

  1. Luger: CH. Mink Hollow's Archon Ninja CD
  2. Peewee: Mink Hollow's Against All Odds
  3. Tonia: Mink Hollow's Ascending Arrow CD (5 points - one win)
  4. Cursor: CH Mink Hollow's Amber Jewel
  5. Rambo: Mink Hollow's Amadeus Mintsrel
  6. Chelsea: Mink Hollow's Adam's Choice
  7. Maegan: Mink Hollow's Altair Maedel
  8. Tex: Mink Hollow's Absent w/o Leave
  9. J.R. Mink Hollow's Achates
  10. Ari: Mink Hollow's Aragorn the Ranger
  11. Lacey: CH. Mink Hillow's Above the Pale CD
CH. Bryloukis Evil Guardian Ninja (Ninja) X CH. Heidegruen's Celito CD (Schinken)
Cursor Tonya Tonya
Tex & J.R. Lacey Lacey

Born: December 16, 1986

CH. Heidegruen's Dauntless Frisco CD X CH. Heidegruen's Celito CD

  1. Hugo: Mink Hollow's Berk Sabotuer
  2. Shera: Mink Hollow's Be-Bop Deluxe
  3. Biene: Mink Hollow's Bo Biene
  4. Vector: Mink Hollow's Belen Vector
  5. Maxine: Mink Hollow's Bench Mark
  6. Tugger: Mink Hollow's Ben Shardick
  7. Pita: Mink Hollow's Brunhilde
  8. Caitlin: Mink Hollow's Beryl
CH. Heidegruen's Dauntless Frisco CD X CH. Heidegruen's Celito CD

Born: December 16, 1989

V-rated L-Maxilillian Von Konigsberg Sch II TD Zptr. X CH. Heidegruen's Celito CD

  1. Chy: Mink Hollow's Chylisha
V-rated L-Maximilian Von Konigsberg Sch II TD Zptr. X CH. Heidegruen's Celito CD
Simeberg's Gangster (Abe) Simeberg's Gangster (Abe) Simeberg's Gangster (Abe)
Bryloukis Just the Beginning Abe & kids
Heidegruen's Dauntless Frisco
1987 SPCA Dog Jog (Calgary)
Dogs included: Claska, Tonya, Cursor, Frisco, Vector, Schinken, Ebon, Zeuss(on wagon) and several others
People included: Sheila & Kristi O'Brien, Kim Davies, Jim & Katrin, Wilf & Cathy Wankel, Natalie Miller, Barb Berard & others
Fagan, Ninja, Atreu
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