This page contains resources having to do with Computer Science Education. Some are links to places outside of this site, and others are resources created by K.Becker. If you use anything created here, please let me know, and, of course, always remember to cite your sources.

CS Education

ACM SIGCSE Computing Curricula 2001
ACM/IEEE Computing Curricula 2001 Full document and Computer Science Volume, body of knowledge
Computer Science Unplugged A collection of activities designed to teach the fundamentals of computer science without requiring a computer.
The Survival of Computer Science as a Discipline Current Trends in Computer Science Enrollment, by J.R.Parker
Increasing Enrollment Ways to Make Computer Science More Attractive to Undergraduates
Making CS More Fun Panel Discussion: Includes: fun names & tongue twisters to use as data; ideas for labs; demos; class; etc.
CC2001 1st Course (CC101) 1st programming course: s/b equivalent to U of Calgary CPSC 231 / MRC 2231
CC2001 2nd Course (CC102) s/b equivalent to U of Calgary CPSC 233 / MRC 2233
First Year Surprise For First Year students
Thoughts Sage Advice From Senior Students
CS problem directory A list of assignment specifications, collected and invented that can be used in programming classes.

Course Websites for Courses I have Taught

CPSC 235 An Inquiry-Based First Course that combines CS101 and CS102

CPSC 231 A first introductory course - essentially CS101

CPSC 233 A second introductory course - essentially CS102

Interesting Do-Dads

(Please note that some of these are local copies of downloads, and are not available publicly. If they are still available from the original producer, it should be possible to find them with Google.)

Langton's Ant #1
Langton's Ant #2

Claymation Fun With Pointers [Stanford University] - alternate (local link - private copy)

Centipede Game Demo

Sun's Dining Philosophers

More Diners

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