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Welcome to Computer Science 235

FALL (2005):
Lecture 01: 
Katrin Becker
e-mail: K.Becker
office: MS 220
phone: 220-5769
Office Hours: TR 11-12
T-R at 9:30-11:00
ST 063
T at 2:00-4:00
MS 217
R at 2:00-4:00
MS 217
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A Word about this course...
Welcome to the third installment of CPSC's flagship inquiry-based course!!
Our goal here is to take an inquiry-based approach to the introduction to Computer Science.
Admission to this course is strictly by consent of the department.
Congrats! You made it!
Just so you know what you've gotten yourself into......
There are a few things we are going to assume:
1. You are pretty bright.
2. You are a fast learner.
3. You are interested in Computer Science as a possible future for you.
4. You are willing to do what it takes (with help of course)
to complete the equivalent of two normal courses in the time it takes to do one.

So, fasten your seatbelts folks, we expect to experience some turbulence....
Important Dates (2005):
Mon. Sept. 12 - lectures begin
Tuesday Sept. 13 - First Class: Orientation
Fri. Sept 23 - last day to change
Oct 18 & Oct 20: First Check-Up
Nov. 10-11 - Reading Days
Nov 3 & Nov 8: Second Check-Up

Dec 6 & Dec 8: Final Review
Friday Dec. 9 - lectures END

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