Fun and Silliness

Some Fun LINKS:

Fractal Art 1 - fa2k - Entry 004 - 1/50th of a Light Year

More Chaos

Blizzard Entertainment [2001 Warcraft III trailer - nice animation ( PC - private copy)

The World of Warcraft Protest: Don't be a Leeroy! (The famous charge. WoW PC - private copy)

Powerful & Far-Reaching! [do not run with window maximized]

Cool Clock (doesn't seem to work under firefox though)

GIF ASCII animation of lady walking (came as part of a campaign for breast cancer - search for “Keep her walking”) private copy

<html> <a href=“” title=“open this item on”> <img src=“” width=“120” height=“80” alt=“Constructor” /> </a></html> The "Soda Site"

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