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Gene Rummy is now available! Both the Full and Novice versions are available for purchase now!

Gene Rummy is a bunny-themed card game that helps teach the basic principles of Mendelian inheritance.
We’ve all heard the idiom: “breeding like rabbits”.

Well, here is a card game that brings it to life!
No smell, no fuss, no need for cages!

Here’s a visual way to learn the jargon and the basic principles of Mendelian inheritance while playing a fast-paced card game.

$24.99 (+ shipping)

Gene Rummy is a variation of Gin Rummy, which is one of the most popular card games of the mid-20th century, and still popular today. Here at Mink Hollow Media, we’ve been looking for a way to combine our expertise in teaching and science with our decades of first-hand experience playing around with coat colors in rabbits. We think you will enjoy our take on this classic card game, and invite you to learn about the principles of Mendelian Genetics and Inheritance along the way.

It’s been a long time in development, but I am thrilled to announce that we are finally in the last stages of development.

There is one more set of tests to complete, one more set of adjustments to make, and then these games will be available for purchase.