About Those Missing Gene Series

versace-2015-05-03_14-33-08_wmThose of you who are more familiar with rabbit coat color genetics may have noticed that there are a number of missing alleles as well as a few entire gene series that aren’t represented with these cards. This is on purpose. The point of this game is to help teach the basic fundamentals of Mendelian genetics rather than rabbit coat colors specifically.

torted-harle-2013-04-21_13-26-38_wmThe designers chose to omit the shaded (or light chinchilla) allele from the C-series, as well as omitting the entire E-series, broken vs solid pattern, Vienna, blue-eyed white, silver, and a few others. Aside from making things unnecessarily complicated, including these alleles would have created a deck with hundreds of cards, so you can see our dilemma. We thought 76 was plenty of cards.


If you are interested in learning more about rabbit coat color genetics, feel free to check out our pages here.