How to Play: Families

In this variation, you start with 2 parents and try to match offspring.


  • You may choose as parents any 2 rabbits in your Herd or from the Gene Pool or Retirement. Of course, one must be a buck and the other a doe.
  • A Family Mating includes 2 parents and up to 4 legal offspring.
  •  Rabbits in your herd become offspring if and only if they could be produced as a result of this mating according to the alleles that each parent is able to pass on.
  • You must have at least one legal offspring in order to place a mating on the table.
  • One mating can include up to a maximum of 4 offspring (6 cards altogether).
  • familyWhen you place a Mating on the table place the parents horizontally (on top of the offspring) and the offspring vertically (underneath the parents).
  • Scoring in this variant is similar to the scoring in the Novice Game:
    Fill in unknown alleles as appropriate.
    Add up the total number of dominant alleles and the total number of recessive alleles.
    If desired, cards can simply be counted, but going through the “families” and filling in unknowns is part of the learning process.


  1. Require that all families be made up of consistent matings.

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