Verschränkung: The Internet is a Schrödinger Device

Approximate Reading Time: < 1 minute The Internet is a Schrödinger device. On the interweb, after a while, things are simultaneously there and gone. They might be there, or they might not, depending on some earlier random event. On Kindle, when we look in the box, … Continue reading

More Trouble in River City

Approximate Reading Time: < 1 minute Here’s a well-written explanation for why most of the media-effects studies really don’t tell us anything: WHY VIDEO GAME RESEARCH IS FLAWED By CHRIS LAVIGNE Studies that spread the idea that video games are harmful to children are conducted by … Continue reading

On: On Sheep Dogs and Wolves

Approximate Reading Time: 7 minutes I don’t usually do this, but this is a response to another blog, found here.  The piece I am commenting on is part of a larger post about what Canadian troops are doing in Afghanistan. It is in support of … Continue reading

Have we really evolved beyond the days of throwing the Christians to the Lions?

Approximate Reading Time: < 1 minute By now almost everyone online is familiar with the wonderful story of Susan Doyle. There are many interesting dimensions to this story, like the one discussed by Henry Jenkins having to do with how quickly the world came to know … Continue reading

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a job where you can be wrong or change your mind THIS often?

Approximate Reading Time: < 1 minute Compare: (these are all taken from the Environment Canada Weather Site) The day before there had been a severe winter storm warning. Nothing happened. Be the first to like. Like Unlike … Continue reading

Kids These Days (sheesh)….

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes Net Gen kids cheat, they say…. OK, this annoys me.  Apparently, we learn very little through the millennia. “The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place … Continue reading

What is needed for an online university to become a world leader? (part 1)

Approximate Reading Time: 6 minutes I was asked this question yesterday. I may be paraphrasing, but this was the essence of it. It was a good question. I was among a group of peers, but I was also in a position where I didn’t want … Continue reading

More heretic stuff.

Approximate Reading Time: < 1 minute This time from Stephen Pinker:,CST-CONT-danger15.article In defense of dangerous ideas In every age, taboo questions raise our blood pressure and threaten moral panic. But we cannot be afraid to answer them. Be the first to like. Like Unlike … Continue reading