Worth Sharing: The Hottest Chat App for Teens Is … Google Docs

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How a writing tool became the new default way to pass notes in class

So much for the benefits of banning cellphones.
I don’t think banning things ever solves anything.
Let’s foster respect, courtesy, tolerance, and help them learn the ways in which tech can be useful AS WELL as helping learn the ways in which “traditional” approaches (i.e. non-tech) can be useful.

Teens told me they use Google Docs to chat just about any time they need to put their phone away but know their friends will be on computers. Sometimes they’ll use the service’s live-chat function, which doesn’t open by default, and which many teachers don’t even know exists. Or they’ll take advantage of the fact that Google allows users to highlight certain phrases or words, then comment on them via a pop-up box on the right side: They’ll clone a teacher’s shared Google document, then chat in the comments, so it appears to the casual viewer that they’re just making notes on the lesson plan. If a teacher approaches to take a closer look, they can click the Resolve button, and the entire thread will disappear.

Source: The Hottest Chat App for Teens Is … Google Docs

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