WRONG: The Animal You Spot First Says a Lot About Your Personality

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No, it doesn’t.
However, it says a LOT about the graphic design.
The lion has a lovely DARK frame around it’s face (the biggest dark patch on that side of the image), making it quite prominent.
We are predisposed to seeing faces. It is also along a relatively UN-busy border, and the eyes are very prominent.
The most easily recognizable faces, with the most obvious eyes, and having the most contrast with the surrounding area (colour- and shape-wise) are going to be the first ones you spot.
What that tells you, is that you are HUMAN.
If you spotted anything with those attributes first, it tells you that the graphic design did its job.

Our subconscious mind is incredible and can tell a lot about our personality, more than we probably think. Experts say that our subconscious mind is like a storage unit, which holds all of your likes and dislikes, beliefs and fears, memories and skills, it’s built from everything you have seen and experienced, even if you don’t remember it. The interesting thing is that it directly connects to our conscious behavior, and in this instance, your eyes see the full picture but your brain picks first what’s relative to you personally.

Source: The Animal You Spot First Says a Lot About Your Personality

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