Worth Sharing: Lists of Great Serious Games Lists

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I love lists, so lists of lists have to be even better, right? This one is. Posted on the  LinkedIn GLS (Games + Learning + Society) Forum by Anuar Andres Lequerica. Re-posted here with permission.

Many serious games databases are just list of games but there’s not a sense of which ones are good. After years of reviewing and searching, I can recommend these lists/databases:

-First Place

(the ExtraCredits team is composed of gamers that analyse and reflect on games very intelligently).

(a terrific list from the MIT Game Lab).

-Second Place

(Graphite/Common Sense Media have a huge games-for-learning database but most of their reviewers seem to not be gamers, so I get the sense that they don’t review the games very deeply).

(Good list , although I don’t recognize some of the games.)

(Another good database, with guides on how to increase learning for each game.)

Let me (Anuar Andres Lequerica) know if you have found any great lists/databases of games-for-learning.

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