Gamification 101[16]: End of Week Two

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This is Part 16 in my continuing saga of my current iteration of a gamified course.

SO at the end of week two I have a greater % of students with “points on the board” than I ever have. This is encouraging. I still don’t know if it is because I have a better batch of students or if it’s because I’m doing a better job – I suspect there’s a bit of both.

I think I’m learning how to introduce the things they need to know.

Right now the average score is 47 and the high score is 107. 42/48 students have submitted work for assessment, and I’ve marked 146 items. I have calculated a submission rate that is steady based on a simple formula (based on what week it is and how many points they need for an A) and no-one has met it yet, but it’s very early in the course and I expect things to pick up in the next few weeks – especially as students start to submit some of achievement quests.

It’s worth asking…. how many students have had 2 rounds of marking in their other courses? How many have already received feedback? This is a big deal. I think it’s worthwhile to start giving students feedback early and often.

What do you think?

gamificationIf you are interested in following my course journal, watch for the “Gamification 101” heading.

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